Speech on Electricity

Here is a speech on electricity which will be help to the students of  o/l  and A/l  for their English exams

Good morning everyone! It is a pleasure to present my speech today in front of you all. I am ———– and I am going to talk about electricity and its importance in everyday life. Can you imagine a day without electricity? Maybe not a hard task it seems, but what about a whole night? Scary, isn’t it? And how about a week or a month? It is impossible for this generation to live without electricity. But do remember that there were times in the past centuries when people lived without electricity.
Electricity is a form of energy. Michael Faraday, a British scientist and Benjamin Franklin, an American scientist, were two notable persons who have a major role to play in understanding the nature of electricity. There are also Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison who contributed to the invention of electrical products like light bulbs, Generators, and power stations.
Electricity is cheaply generated using water power, sunlight, or other mechanical processes. So, it is called in different ways as hydro-electricity, bio gas, solar, wind power, and more. Today, electricity is used in every household as lights, fans, electrical equipment, and more. We get heat and power from electricity and is used for many purposes. Electricity is used widely in industries to drive the pieces of machinery and other purposes. Transportation and entertainment are yet other uses of electricity today. We can see trains, cable cars, and trolleybuses using electricity daily to run to places. Also, television, radio, and mobile phones are designed to work using electric power. This Computer Age is nothing without electric power. We cannot imagine a moment without electricity as it brings great difficulty and inconvenience. Indeed, that is what has made electric energy very important in the modern world.
Though electricity is useful, there are times when it has to be handled with care. Any misuse or overuse can lead to fire, shock, or even fatal consequences. So, electricity is both a useful servant and a dangerous enemy. And we need to make the best use of it with precautions and responsibility.

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